Job accounting issues on all clusters

2024-02-07 10:12:26

We have encountered scaling issues within the job import solution for SCS IS. Some of the jobs accounted for within Slurm have not been imported to the accounting database. This unfortunately resulted in underreporting of usage values within SCS IS/it4ifree. Partial rewrite of the existing solution and migrations of missing usage data are underway.

XALT implementation

2024-02-19 10:50:38

We're aiming to implement XALT, a tool designed to gather and analyze information about the libraries and executables utilized in jobs, on Karolina and Barbora clusters. To test and ensure smooth your job execution with XALT, you can test it by loading it in your job script (ml XALT).

Karolina Planned Upgrade/Reinstallation and Outage: approximately from 08.04 to 05.05.2024

2024-02-21 10:46:15

There is a planned upgrade/reinstallation of the Karolina cluster, including cluster management tools and new node images. The main change for users will be Rocky Linux 8.9 images on compute nodes and corresponding new versions of kernels, libraries, and drivers. Thank you for your understanding.