Singularity Update

2021-06-16 11:10:33

Modules of Singularity prior to 3.8.0 will be removed. Make sure to check your job scripts.

Salomon Technical Issues

2021-06-21 14:01:42

We are currently facing some problems with infiniband fabric on the cluster, /home is not available. Please use for accessing your data where /scratch, /apps are available.

Salomon Supercomputers Withdrawal From Service (Updated Info)

2021-06-18 14:05:40

Salomon compute capacity will be temporarily reduced from 21.6. till 28.6 due to Karolina supercomputer acceptance tests. All jobs on Salomon will be scheduled to finish on Monday 21.6.2021 9.00

Dgx-2 Upgrade

2021-06-16 12:13:17

The DGX-2 system has been upgraded and migrated to Barbora as node cn202. Read our documentation