We help enterprises to overcome obstacles on their way to accessing and using supercomputers for their own innovation and development. We offer first-rate applied research and services focused on high-performance modeling and simulations, advanced data analysis, and application of artificial intelligence algorithms in various industrial sectors.


Weed detection - weeding machine

Partner: Ullmanna s.r.o.

Field: agriculture

Mobility Atlas

Partner: T-Mobile Czech Republic a. s. 

Field: telecommunications

Processing and storing data fro the European Space Agency

Partner: European Space Agency

Field: information technology, Earth sciences

Machine learning for drug discovery

Partner: Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Field: information technology, pharmaceutical industry

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Response time optimization

Partner: Continental Automotive CR s.r.o.

Field: automotive


Fan section optimization in asynchronous electric motors

Partner: Siemens Electric Machines s.r.o., Frenštát

Field: energy industry, mechanical engineering

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Cranial remoulding orthosis development

Partner: Invent Medical Group s.r.o.

Field: medical equipment and technology


Pump efficiency optimization using open source solutions and HPC

Partner: SIGMA GROUP a.s.

Field: mechanical engineering


Design of passenger train seats

Partner: BORCAD CZ s.r.o.

Field: mechanical engineering, transport industry

Supercomputers in medicine

Partner: University Hospital Ostrava

Field: healthcare


Study of the dynamical properties of squeeze film dampers

Partner: Doosan Škoda Power s.r.o. (DŠPW)

Field: mechanical engineering, energy industry


Development of numerical models in the metallurgical industry

Partner: ITA spol. s r.o.

Field: mechanical engineering

“HPC as a service” for hydrological modeling

Partner: DHI

Field: information technology, water management, environment



Stock inventory control optimization based on sales forecasting

Partner: K2 atmitec s.r.o.

Field: information technology, logistics


Platform for parallel processing of DNA sequences


Field: bioinformatics



Analysis of causes and prediction of problems in 4G and 5G networks

Partner: T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.

Field: telecommunications

Information technology consulting

Partner: Bayncore

Field: information technology, consulting