IT4Innovations uses part of its computational resources in cooperation with industrial partners from various industrial sectors. Enterprises may rent the computational resources as well as use the knowledge of IT4Innovations experts to solve particular complex problems. Enterprises interested in IT4Innovations contract research services are mainly based in mechanical engineering (for example, development of computer models for pump efficiency optimization and design of passenger train seats) and information technology (for example, inventory stock management, crisis management support, and train delay prediction) industries. Further cooperation is established with enterprises active in the medical, geology, geodesy, and environmental sectors. For particular examples of contract research projects with industrial partners, see the Examples of cooperation section. 

Portfolio of Services

Computationally Intensive Modelling and Simulations
Advanced Data Analysis and Simulations
Rental of IT4Innovations Computational Resources
Rendering and Visualization of Scientific Data

Nanotechnology Applications

Multiscale and Atomistic Modeling of Materials
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