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IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center at VSB – Technical University of Ostrava is a leading research, development, and innovation centre active in the field of high-performance computing (HPC), data analysis (HPDA) and artificial intelligence (AI). IT4Innovations operates the most powerful supercomputing systems in the Czech Republic, which are provided to Czech and foreign research teams from both academia and industry. Together with the CESNET and CERIT-SC institutions, IT4Innovations constitutes e-INFRA CZ, a strategic research infrastructure of the Czech Republic.

The first supercomputer installed at IT4Innovations was Anselm (94 TFlop/s, installed in the summer of 2013), the operation of which was ceased at the beginning of 2021. At present, IT4Innovations is thus running three supercomputers: Salomon (2 PFlop/s, installed in the summer of 2015), Barbora (849 TFlop/s, installed in the autumn of 2019), and the specialized NVIDIA DGX-2 system for artificial intelligence computation, (130 TFlop/s and 2 PFlop/s in AI, installed in the spring of 2019). A petascale system Karolina with computing power approximately 15.2 PFlop/s will be installed at the center in 2021 as part of the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking.

The key research areas of IT4Innovations include big data processing and analysis, machine learning, development of parallel scalable algorithms, solution of computationally demanding engineering problems, advanced visualization, virtual reality, modelling for nanotechnologies, and material design. 

IT4Innovations research activities are executed across 5 laboratories:


IT4Innovations also has a strong focus on cooperation with industrial enterprises, earning IT4Innovation the status of the Digital Innovation Hub registered at the European Commission level and is a member of DIHnet EU, the European network of digital innovation hubs. In this context, IT4Innovations has developed a partnership with the Moravian-Silesian Innovation Centre Ostrava and in 2020 the Digital Innovation Hub Ostrava has been established.

Furthermore, IT4Innovations is also involved in a whole range of educational activities focused on HPC, HPDA, and AI. Moreover, IT4Innovations employees participate as educating experts on HPC, HPDA, and AI within the Computational Science PhD study program. This program is jointly guaranteed by IT4Innovations and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at VSB-TUO. In addition, the center's employees participate in ensuring education in computationally-based study programs offered by VSB-TUO on all levels ranging from Bc to PhD study programs such as applied mechanics, computational and applied mathematics, nanotechnology, and applied physics.


The foundation of IT4Innovations
Became a Member of PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe)
The supercomputer Anselm installed in temporary containers
Opening of the IT4Innovations building
Launching of the supercomputer Salomon
Became a Member of ETP4HPC (European Technology Platform in the area of High-Performance Computing)
Became a Member of EuroHPC (building a European exascale supercomputer)
Launching of the NVIDIA DGX-2 system for AI research
Launching of the supercomputer Barbora
Success achieved in the competition to build the EuroHPC pre-exascale supercomputing system as a member of the LUMI (Large Unified Modern Infrastructure) consortium
The Digital Innovation Hub Ostrava is being set up together with the Moravian-Silesian Innovation Centre Ostrava
Signature of the contract to building the Karolina supercomputer with a theoretical peak performance of 15.2 PFlop/s, the most powerful supercomputer in the Czech Republic      
IT4Innovations is becoming the National Competence Centre in HPC
Termination of the Anselm supercomputer operation

Mission of IT4Innovations

Our mission is to carry out excellent research in the field of high performance computing and advanced data analysis, and to operate the leading national supercomputing infrastructure, mediating its effective use in order to increase the competitiveness and innovation of Czech science and industry.

Vision of IT4Innovations

Our vision is to become a leading supercomputing center that provides professional services and conducts excellent research in the field of high-performance computing and processing of advanced data sets for the benefit of science, industry, and the whole of society.

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IT4Innovations building
IT4Innovations building
IT4Innovations building
IT4Innovations building
IT4Innovations building
Supercomputer Salomon
Supercomputer Salomon
Data room
Data room
Supercomputer Anselm
Supercomputer Anselm
Supercomputer Barbora
Supercomputer Salomon
Supercomputer Anselm
Supercomputer Salomon
Supercomputer Salomon
Data room — Supercomputer Salomon
Data room — Supercomputer Salomon
Supercomputer Salomon
Supercomputer Salomon