IT4Innovations experts solve a wide range of problems arising in various scientific and engineering domains. In the mechanical engineering field, these include pump and turbine efficiency optimization, electric motor cooling optimization, and the design of remodelling cranial orthoses with optimal parameters. In the field of nanotechnology, research is focused on the design of new materials and surfaces, the development of special surfaces for nanooptics, and modelling and design of nanocomposites. In the field of IT, the research focus is on big data analyses using artificial intelligence and finding its areas of application in, for example, medical science, logistics, smart cities and distribution networks, and Earth sciences. Other applications and activities include the detection of undesirable deformations of transport infrastructure and landslides from satellite data, research and development of platforms for efficient execution of workflows on a supercomputer (e.g., a platform for massively parallel processing of DNA sequences), and last but not least, network security and Internet of Things.

IT4Innovations research activities

IT4Innovations research activities are carried out across 5 research laboratories.

Advanced Data Analysis and Simulation Lab

The lab specialises in advanced data analysis, research, and development in HPC co-design, data analysis, and cloud technologies to enhance industry and society, programming models for HPDA, artificial intelligence, modelling, simulation, and application of dynamical systems.

Infrastructure Research Lab

The lab specialises in developing and accelerating parallel applications, code analysis, performance, and scalability optimisation, as well as HPC application energy-efficiency optimisation, development of services provided to the infrastructure users, medical data processing, scientific data visualisation, and virtual and augmented reality.

Parallel Algorithms Research Lab

The laboratory is primarily focused on providing support for industry. The research team conducts applied research in developing scalable algorithms and HPC libraries, numerical modelling and simulations, and the deployment of artificial intelligence in engineering.

Modelling for Nanotechnologies Lab

The Lab focuses on design, computer modelling, preparation, and experimental characterisation in advanced nanomaterials and nanotechnology.

Quantum Computing Lab

The Lab's research team is dedicated to developing new algorithms for quantum computers and simulators, including their practical applications, quantum error correction, research in quantum technologies, communication, cryptography, optimization and machine learning.


prof. RNDr. Marek Lampart, Ph.D.

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