What is the Digital Innovation Hub

The European Digital Innovation Hub Ostrava (EDIH Ostrava) is part of a European network of digital innovation hubs that support the deployment and use of digital technologies primarily in small and medium-sized companies to support their competitiveness.

The added value of the existence of the network of European digital innovation hubs lies in the sharing of experience, and mutual cooperation in the implementation of specific activities as well as in mediating and linking demand (client needs) with supply (hub expertise and technology) across the EU, taking into account the different specialisations of the individual European hubs.

Why bringing together IT4Innovations and MSIC

The Digital Innovation Hub primarily aims at small and medium-sized enterprises. At the very beginning, these enterprises often need to assess whether and where they actually might be in need for digital solutions. This is where digital audit or expert support might come into play depending on particular identified needs. It is this very area where MSIC develops its specialisation.

However, there will be cases when the solution of the company need is conditioned by employing specific expertise consisting in the use of example, high-performance computing, big data analysis, and artificial intelligence. And this is exactly where IT4Innovations with its supercomputing technology and its experts able to assist with their deployment come into play. Bringing both organizations together, the potential for the synergic effect as a result of complementary digitalization support-based know-how has unlocked.


The EDIH Ostrava services are grouped into three categories.

  • The first category revolves around the idea of “testing before investing”, i.e. facilitating the use of the particular know-how and infrastructure of the EDIH Ostrava with the aim of examining the potential of advanced digital technologies to address the specific needs and tasks of any given company or public organisation.
  • The second category of activities is the promotion of digital readiness and skills development. Companies often need to identify their digital needs and opportunities at their outset.
  • The third category of activities includes those that support the sharing of experience and the further development of companies (including start-ups).
In case of interest, do not hesitate to contact us using the following e-mail address info@edihostrava.cz.

EDIH Ostrava is a project funded by the European Union, the Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL-2021-EDIH-01), and the Czech Recovery Plan.