To ensure their safe and stable operation, the supercomputers require a wide range of operating technologies related to cooling, power supply, and safe operation. These requirements are ensured by technological units located in different parts of the IT4I building. They primarily include the energy centre, ensuring a backed up and fully redundant power supply, the water cooling system, ensuring recovery of the waste heat generated by the supercomputers, and operation of the fire protection system, providing an environment that prevents a fire from starting and spreading in the data room.
data room area
2x 2.5
redundant systems
15 %
of oxygen concentration level in the data room atmosphere

Data room

Data room – basic parameters

Our supercomputers are located in a data room with an area of 500 m2 equipped with an elevated floor with a bearing capacity of up to 2.5 t/m2. The data room provides space for extensive power supply and cooling options as well as excellent performance levels regarding safety.

Data room power supply

The power supply distribution system is installed under the elevated floor by means of the bus bar system, which is divided into 5 and 10 branches so as to allow power supply to machines anywhere in the data room.

Data room cooling

The supercomputers are water-cooled. Under the elevated floor, there are 5 cold-water (6-15°C) and warm-water (30-35°C) circuits. There are as many points of connection as needed for cooling machines located anywhere in the data room. The total cooling performance of 1.4 MW corresponds to the maximum heat loss of a machine using the power provided.


Apart from the high-level physical safety, the data room also boasts a fire protection system based on active reduction of oxygen concentration to a level of about 15 %, which physically prevents a fire from starting and spreading. To reduce oxygen concentration, our own produced nitrogen is forced in.


The data room is also equipped with redundant optical data connections to the national CESNET network as well as to the Internet.

Energy infrastructure


Power supply of the energy infrastructure

High-voltage distribution system:

  • 22 kV; 50 Hz

Low-voltage distribution system:

  • 400 / 230 V; 50 Hz

The total maximum energy balance is calculated to 2.5 MVA.

The power supply for the IT technology is installed in two separate HV and LV branches.

Redundant sources of electrical power supply

The power supply branches are backed up by electro-mechanical apparatus for uninterruptible power supply.

For the data room, two sources are installed; a parallel-redundant dynamic UPS (DUPS) system.

Dynamic UPS (DUPS)

The main components of the DUPS are as follows:

  • diesel motor,
  • electromagnetic clutch,
  • rotary accumulator,
  • alternator.

DUPS safety

DUPS safety is ensured by:

  • deflagration fuses,
  • sensors; thermal, optical fume,
  • switches encapsulated with protection SF6 gas (sulphur hexafluorid),
  • push-button fire detectors,
  • indicators of untightness of double-walled pipes and tanks.

Cooling of IT technology

2 hot water cooling circuits with a theoretical temperature range of 15 - 80°Care used. For cooling and cooling intensification, dry coolers and a plate heat exchanger recooling system are used, respectively. There are three cold water cooling circuits with a theoretical temperature range of 6 to 28°C. For cooling, block cooling units with an integrated or external free cooling system are used. The system is connected with the hot-water cooling circuit for recooling through the plate heat exchanger.

Waste heat recovery

The hot-water cooling circuit serves as a low-potential source of heat in the waste heat recovery system via a plate heat exchanger and heat pump. Using the heat accumulator, we are able to heat the entire IT4I building as well as the non-potable water.