The Visualization and Virtual Reality Labs are used to visualize 3D content using the latest technologies available in the areas of large-scale 3D projection and virtual reality. Colleagues in the lab collaborate with experts and scientists from different research fields; the result of their joint work is the visualization of large-scale computations in superior visual quality.

We have experience with visualizations in engineering, nanotechnology, materials design, medical and biological data analysis, and computer graphics. We collaborate with industrial partners, especially in visualizing results of collaborative research, prototype validation, and product presentation.

Both laboratories are also available for educational activities such as teaching anatomy in 3D and demonstrating product manufacturing processes as well as it will serve as a general simulation training facility.


Use of the labs

  • Multimedia presentations of a representative nature
  • Product presentations (architecture, virtual car showroom)
  • Virtual teaching (anatomy, surgical operations, manufacturing processes, space, and planetary mechanics)
  • Various simulators (traffic management, spill simulation, pollution and fire propagation simulation, tunnel management simulator, crisis management training
  • Visualization of scientific calculations (crash test, aerodynamics, structural mechanics, molecular dynamics)
  • Visualization for digital prototyping (design and inspection of functional units in a virtual environment)

View examples of our visualizations

Who are the labs for?

  • Researchers and academics
  • IT4Innovations computing infrastructure users
  • Students
  • State and municipal administration
  • Emergency services, hospitals
  • Companies

Visualization Lab

  • 3D projection with native 4K resolution
    • Professional laser 4K BARCO projector
    • Projection wall of 4 m x 2.5
    • Rear projection allows movement of persons near the projection
    • 3D active stereo
  • Comfortable room with the capacity of 16 persons
    • Suitable for presentations for demanding customers
  • Fast connection to the data room
    • 100 Gbit line
    • Visualization infrastructure can take advantage of the immense power of our supercomputers
  • Professional audio system with surround sound (5.1)
  • Lighthouse tracking system for system control

Supported software tools

Virtual Reality Lab

  • Individual or collaborative VR environment for up to 4 persons
  • Work area of 6 m x 4 m
  • 1x high-end XTAL headset with 8K resolution and wearable backpack PC
  • 3x wireless VR HTC Vive Pro headsets
  • Lighthouse tracking system

Supported software tools

Access to the labs for research and educational institutions

  • Free access for research and educational institutions (R&E) based in the Czech Republic
  • Joint R&D outputs are a prerequisite
  • Included is access to IT4Innovations computational resources required for visualization and processing of big data, interactive raytracing, rendering of final 3D videos, etc.

Rental of the labs for the commercial sector

Commercial customers can rent the labs

  • Rental of the Visualization Lab with the 3D projection wall
    • CZK 1432/ 1 hr excluding VAT incl. the operator
  • Rental of the Virtual Reality incl. the operator
    • 1x VR backpack + XTAL VR glasses – CZK 914 / 1 hr excluding VAT
    • 3x HTC Vive Pro VR glasses – CZK 940 / 1 hr excluding VAT
    • 1x XTAL VR glasses with connection to the data room – CZK 918 / 1 hr excluding VAT
    • 1x HTC Vive Pro VR glasses with connection to the data room – CZK 900 / 1 hr excluding VAT
  • Cooperation is also possible in the form of joint national or international projects (EDIH Ostrava, TA CR, EuroHPC, ...)

Doc. Lubomír Říha

Head of INFRA Lab

+420 597 329 651