AI and Simulation Based Engineering Workshop

AI is one of the most discussed topics nowadays. Therefore we are glad that experts from leading European research institutions have accepted our invitations and will give talks on AI and simulation-based engineering. Our aim is to bring together international specialists in AI and simulations with other professionals to identify common interests and discuss potential collaborations.

Workshop on Quantum Computing: Hybrid Systems

We would like to invite you to the Workshop on Quantum Computing: Hybrid Systems, which will be held online on 25th November 2022.

The practical use of quantum computer requires the creation of so-called Hybrid System, which (in simplified terms) includes not only a quantum computer but also a classical one. This is because a quantum computer is only suitable for the key part of the task in which it has exponential acceleration, and therefore a classical computer is needed to prepare the input data and process the output data. Thus, Hybrid Systems are essential for any application of quantum computing.


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