TREX Workshop: Code Tuning for the Exascale [5.–7. 6. 2023]

The workshop is targeting specifically code developers and will be focused on code optimisation. Participants are encouraged to bring their own codes to learn about techniques, methods and solutions on how to improve them both in terms of performance and in terms of scalability across multiple platforms.

Introduction to MPI [30. – 31. 5. 2023]

Message Passing Interface (MPI) is a dominant programming model on clusters and distributed memory architectures. This course is focused on its basic concepts such as exchanging data by point-to-point and collective operations.

High Performance Data Analysis with R [26. – 27. 4. 2023]

This course is focused on data analysis and modeling in R statistical programming language. The first day of the course will introduce how to approach a new dataset to better understand the data and its features. The second day is focused on increasing the efficiency of computation by introducing Rcpp for seamless integration of C++ code into R code.

Fundamental Quantum Computing Algorithms and Their Implementation in Qiskit [3. – 5. 4. 2023]

Quantum computers are based on a completely different principle than classical computers. The aim of this course is to explain this difference by showing how basic quantum computing algorithms work in practice. It is focused on the theoretical foundations, mathematical description, and practical testing of the resulting quantum circuits on real quantum computers and their simulators in the Qiskit environment.

Course access to Karolina

We invite you to the training course Access to Karolina, organised by the IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center under the auspices of the EuroCC project.


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