IT4Innovations offers commercial companies the opportunity to rent the computational resources of the operated supercomputers. Companies interested in using this service may choose based on their preferences from the following modes.

Standard allocation arranged for a specific period with a pre-agreed quota

This is essentially a rental mode based on shared access to computational resources with other active users, with a total number of core hours negotiated in advance, and includes the provision of standard user support.

Customized allocation

A rental mode offering the opportunity, for example, to use a pre-agreed number of compute nodes arranged for a certain period allowing instant access to computational resources as compared to the standard allocation.

Important information

Upon submission of an Application for Renting Computational Resources, the customer is presented with a draft Contract for Renting Computational Resources. Upon its receipt (usually up to 14 days), the customer obtains the Contract for Renting Computational Resources for signature. The customer is provided access to the computational resources at the latest within a period of 3 working days from the date of entry into force of the respective contractual relationship. The price per core hour for the year 2020 within the Standard allocation mode is CZK 1,36 (excluding VAT). The use of computational resources within the rental is measured in Computational Time Units (CTU) or also in Normalized Core Hours (NCH), where 1 CTU = 1 NCH corresponds to the allocation of 1 CPU core of the Salomon supercomputer for 1 hour.

Technically, the customer's access to the systems is provided remotely using access servers. Allocation of computational resources and running and managing tasks are executed via the PBS Professional workload manager. The customer has the option to continually monitor the amount of core hours used, and is provided the standard user support. For a detailed manual for access to the cluster including technical and other requirements, please see the documentation for Salomon and Anselm clusters in the following link

The Application for Renting Computational Resources shall include the following specifications

  • rental form
  • number of core hours
  • rental period
  • purpose of the rental
  • company information (customer´s business name, registered office, Company Registration Number, VAT Registration Number).

An example of renting computational resources

Cooperation based on renting IT4Innovations computational resources was established, for example, with the Forest Management Institute, a state-owned enterprise. This institute has used the IT4Innovations HPC technology for complex calculations of the Czech forest cover and forest change monitoring via satellite using Earth observation data. For this purpose, freely available data from the EU funded Copernicus program, namely the Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 satellite data, have been used. IT4Innovations experts have also cooperated in the development of new algorithms to be used in the field of forestry.