Our team is involved in processing large data sets, anomaly detection, and classification of cyber attacks using machine learning. The team competencies include expertise in natural speech and image processing and communication technologies.

Within the TACR DELTA project, the research team was a member of a wider consortium, which was recognised by the non-profit CzechInno association for their application improving mobile communication security.

At present, the team is participating in implementing the H2020 program-funded OpenQKD project, the objective of which is to solve important problems in the field of quantum cryptography.


The activities of the team focused on the IoT are currently aimed at use cases for Campus 5G network with Ostrava-Poruba VSB-TUO campus being chosen by the T-Mobile company for pilot testing of industrial 5G networks in the Czech Republic.

Since 2017, the campus IoT network has already been in operation on an unlicensed band of 868 MHz built on the LoRaWAN technology covering two cities (Ostrava and Opava).

The team competencies include experience with implementation of IoT networks, sensor design, data processing, and software development.

This expertise is supported by projects funded by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Interior Ministry of the Czech Republic as well as by the currently running H2020-funded Tetramax project focused on sensor networks.