IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center offers its industrial partners many years of experience with computationally intensive numerical simulations and virtual prototyping. We can perform customized simulations of physical processes related to fluid flow, structural mechanics, heat transfer, acoustics, and electromagnetism.

The IT4Innovations researchers have complex expertise in applying both commercial software packages, such as ANSYS Multiphysics, Fluent, CFX, Comsol Multiphysics, MSC Marc, and LS-DYNA, and non-commercial open source packages, such as OpenFOAM, Code_Saturne, Code_Aster, Elmer, and Calculix.

Structural mechanics

  • modal analysis of constructions with calculation of natural frequencies and vibrational modes
  • harmonic analysis, amplitude-frequency response to harmonic and random waveform excitation
  • dynamics of rotor systems
  • nonlinear harmonic balance response
  • linear and nonlinear static analysis of systems with geometric and material nonlinearities, contact problems, plasticity, hyperelasticity, viscoplasticity
  • dynamics of complex systems – implicit/explicit dynamics
  • simulation of fast phenomena – crash tests/ drop tests
  • evaluation of marginal states related to material cohesion failure

Heat transfer

  • linear and nonlinear heat transfer
  • steady states and time-dependent problems
  • diffuse radiation, solar radiation
  • heat transfer in contact interface
  • phase transition/solidification

Flow simulation – CFD

  • steady state and time-dependent fluid flow solutions
  • incompressible/compressible flow
  • turbulent flow - RANS/LES/DES
  • moving meshes, mesh morphing
  • multiphase flow
  • combustion

Sound wave propagation

  • aeroacoustics, vibro-acoustics
  • harmonic sound wave propagation
  • time-dependent simulation of sound wave propagation

Multiphysical problems

  • thermal-structural problems
  • CFD–flow, heat, radiation, chemical processes
  • FSI – fluid structure interaction

Shape and Topology Optimization