In the field of advanced data analysis and simulations, IT4Innovations is engaged in big data processing and analysis as well as simulations for various practical applications. They include, for example, support for management and decision making in emergency situations, smart navigation, traffic load prediction, flood propagation modelling, smart cities, bioinformatics, and reliability analysis. Moreover, we are involved in the field of programming models for distributed applications and their efficient implementation.


Smart City and traffic modelling

  • implementation and modification of algorithms for traffic modelling
  • global approach to transport infrastructure
  • smart navigation
  • urban traffic flow management
  • optimization problems: optimization of distribution/ collection of goods to customers
  • interaction of traffic modelling with other topical areas (floods, pollution)

Production and inventory management

  • efficient material flow management
  • sales prediction based on sales history data
  • inventory optimization
  • statistical methods for time-series analysis

Crisis/Emergency management support: Floreon+

  • hydrological monitoring and modelling
  • monitoring of current traffic situation
  • modelling of dangerous substances discharge
  • population mobility monitoring
  • detection of soil movements
  • modelling of crisis situations interactions


  • genomics and molecular diagnostics in cooperation with professionals from the health sector and academia
  • development and testing of bioinformatics tools
  • interfaces for accessing the computing infrastructure

Radar Earth observation

  • identification of landslide activity
  • monitoring of vertical movements of structures
  • mapping of inundated areas through clouds
  • evaluation of vegetation changes such as deforestation

Bioimage analysis

  • processing of large bioimage datasets
  • parallelization of light sheet microscopy data processing
  • extending the FIJI platform for bioimage data analysis with a module for processing of data using HPC