Partner: T-Mobile Czech Republic a. s. 

field: telecommunications

Our colleagues from the Advanced Data Analysis and Simulation Lab led by Miroslav Vozňák are involved in implementing a unique project to develop a primary data passing interface to monitor population mobility in the territory of the Czech Republic with respect to the current spread of Covid-19 disease. This data is processed from anonymous operating data collected by T-Mobile CZ using the services of IT4Innovations.

Supercomputer calculations to solve the situation in the Czech Republic regarding the spread of coronavirus have already been running. In cooperation with T-Mobile Czech Republic a. s., population mobility data is being continuously mined to help the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic to evaluate the impacts of the adopted pandemic mitigation measures on the population mobility. The supercomputer operated in Ostrava is currently processing aggregated anonymized records from the mobile network and provides population mobility data at the most granular territorial level.  “Under the instructions of T-Mobile Czech Republic, we are creating access to the mobility portal where various sets can be generated based on the roles assigned. All has been running autonomously and smoothly so far despite our constant intervention and customized adjustment of data views”, explains Miroslav Vozňák, who is responsible for this project at IT4Innovations.