The EuroHPC LUMI supercomputer currently being implemented in Kajaani, Finland will be one of the world's fastest computer systems with over 550 PFlop/s of performance. The LUMI supercomputer is procured jointly by the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking and the LUMI consortium.

LUMI-G Call for pilot projects from the Czech Republic

The aim of this call is to provide pilot access to the newly installed GPU part (LUMI-G) of the LUMI supercomputer in order to obtain feedback before the launch of regular operation. The availability and technical readiness of the system (e.g. installed software) is not guaranteed and unexpected maintenance breaks may occur during this pilot phase.

Two projects will be selected for each country participating in the LUMI consortium. Therefore, only two projects will be selected from the Czech Republic!

The general principle in the selection for this call is to favor cutting-edge research. The selected users/user groups are also expected to have the sufficient technical capability to be able to prepare for the pilot use (with support from CSC if needed) and execute their pilot code right from the start of the pilot code execution phase. The pilot users are expected to report findings and feedback about the system performance, performance variations, computing environment etc.

Computational resources to be distributed:
There is no accounting of the consumed resources in this call, awarded projects are welcomed to burn as much computer time as possible within the time period. However, there is also no guarantee how much computer time will be actually available.

Technical parameters of the LUMI-G partition:

  • The GPU partition will consist of 2,560 nodes, each node with one 64 core AMD Trento CPU and four AMD MI250X GPUs.
  • Each GPU node features four 200 Gbit/s network interconnect cards, i.e. has 800 Gbit/s injection bandwidth.
  • Each MI250X GPU consists of two compute dies, each with 110 compute units each, and each compute unit has 64 stream processors for a total of 14,080 stream processors.
  • The committed Linpack performance of LUMI-G is 375 Pflop/s.
  • The MI250X GPU comes with a total of 128 GB of HBM2e memory offering over 3.2 TB/s of memory bandwidth.
  • A single MI250X card is capable of delivering 42.2 TFLOP/s of performance in the HPL benchmarks.

Application submission deadline:
February 15, 2022

Eligible applicants:
Employees of academic and research institutions who have their registered offices or a branch in the Czech Republic. Furthermore, persons and entities that have acquired and/or participate in implementing a research grant financed from the Czech Republic’s public resources. Citizenship does not affect applicants’ eligibility.

How to submit an application:
Applications will only be accepted in English. The application form may be downloaded from :

Please submit the form via the web portal. Use the Type: standard, Call: Other (use call number 0)” in the Directors Discretion category.

Date of announcement of application selection results:
March 15, 2022

The pilot code execution phase is expected:
To start in April 2022, with duration of 28 days.

Call type:

Evaluation of applications:
The application form is available after registration here: DOCX or ODT. Applications will only be accepted in English. Please submit the form via the web portal. Documented cutting-edge research along with strong and immediate technical capability will be the selection criteria, only two applications will be selected. Results of the award decision will be sent in electronic format to the e-mail address specified in the application.