Mysterious, elusive, and convoluted. That may sometimes be your impression of science, but not on the Researchers' Night. A night when science and scientists show you their true face.

Have you ever heard of supercomputers? Do you know how much they affect our daily lives? IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center opens its doors and invites all children and adults to tours, games, lectures, and most importantly SUPERfun. SUPERgifts are also waiting for the clever ones.


Behind the Scenes of the Supercomputing Centre

See places where few people normally go and learn what it takes to run a supercomputer. From the basement, where a unique backup power system is hidden, to the roof, where heat exchangers with heat pumps are used to heat our entire building and provide domestic hot water.

WHERE: Meeting at the reception on the ground floor 10 minutes in advance.

WHEN: 5 pm and 6 pm

REGISTRATION is required.

Excursions are suitable for adults and children from 8 years of age.

Science in Virtual Reality

Sit back, put on your 3D glasses, and become part of the scientific projects we are working on, which we bring into virtual reality. What looks like a cinema at first glance is actually the Visualisation and Virtual Reality Lab. And as a bonus, we have prepared a virtual tour of our data room.

WHERE: Meeting at the reception on the ground floor 10 minutes in advance.

WHEN: 5.30 pm, 6.30 pm, 7.30 pm, and 8.30 pm

REGISTRATION is required.

Excursions are suitable for adults and children from 10 years of age.


Today's science cannot do without supercomputers. Listen to interesting lectures and find out where supercomputers help. You won't be bored!

6 pm – How artificial intelligence spends the computing time

What is behind today's success of "neural networks" and their performance in areas that were until recently the domain of humans only? The aim of this talk is to give an overview of what is going on inside artificial neural networks and to show that they are still just programs and not thinking beings. The lecture is intended for all age groups.

Stanislav Böhm holds a research position at IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center, where he leads a group focused on applied machine learning and task scheduling on distributed systems.

7 pm – Quantum computing: Chimera or today's reality?!

Quantum is coming! Thanks to the dramatic advances in quantum technology, the number of applications will increase in the coming decades. This includes quantum computing and its practical applications. And that's what we're going to focus on! First, we'll explain what a quantum computer is, what it looks like and how it's better than a classical one. Next, we'll explain the difference between programing quantum computers versus classical computers. In a direct follow-up, we will also describe the current state of development of quantum computers in the world, and why we sometimes use only their simulators for computations. At the end of the talk, an example will be remotely run on a real quantum computer and the results will be commented on in a way that is understandable to the general public.

8 pm – All you wanted to know about supercomputers but did not know who to ask

Come and hear what the supercomputing centre is, what it is used for, what it helps, and what projects are solved there.

All this and more in the lecture by the IT4Innovations Managing Director himself, who will answer everything you have ever wanted to know about supercomputers!


Harry Potter and supercomputers

Harry Potter wants to find the magic potion that will help him destroy Voldemort. He has ideas, but there are so many ways to combine the formulas. Supercomputers can help him with that. Help Harry complete the tasks that will help him find the magic potion. If you are successful, you will win the SUPERgoblet!


Supercomputers from close up

Stop by our showroom, take a closer look at the most powerful supercomputers in the Czech Republic, and learn what they consist of, what software they use, what is the difference between a regular computer and a supercomputer, and what they have in common or what is their consumption ... Just everything you might be interested in about supercomputers.

All your questions about supercomputers will be answered by IT4Innovations Supercomputing Services specialists.

Computing time of the IT4Innovations supercomputers

IT4Innovations computing time is dedicated to solving tasks in research and development, especially for academic workplaces and other research institutions in the Czech Republic. Last year alone, 240 million core hours were distributed across 184 research projects.

Stop for a while and listen to what this computing time is and learn about those who use the computing time of the most powerful Czech supercomputers and about their interesting projects.

Science fiction or reality?

Do you like science fiction? Even the adventures of the heroes in our comics may seem unreal to you. We have included a good deal of imagination, but the basis is the real work of scientists. Curious readers can "read" the rewards in our comics, but most importantly, they can meet the superheroes who are turning science fiction into reality.

Robot football

Robot football is a constantly evolving field of science that deals with the uncertain and dynamic environment of interacting agents - robots. It combines many seemingly disparate areas of interest, such as research on multi-agent systems, real-time camera image processing, controlling and steering autonomous robots, path planning and cooperation between robots on the playing field, obstacle avoidance, and often involves machine learning methods, otherwise known as AI - artificial intelligence.At IT4Innovations, we are developing an in-house robot football 3D simulator, which is based on these scientific methods. 

Come and try it out, create your own game strategy for your robot team, and try to beat your siblings, parents, or even our home team from IT4Innovations in robot football!

Virtual reality and supercomputers

Very few people can get into our data room. But you have this unique opportunity thanks to 3D glasses! Come and see our supercomputers from close up indeed.

When exploring the data hall, you can look at the airflow around the car that is placed in the data hall in our virtual reality. Calculating the airflow is very time consuming, but thanks to supercomputers, the computing time is rapidly reduced.

We are all mathematicians

We calculate, make decisions, invent proofs, solve different situations, sometimes even puzzles. We have prepared math games for young and old (not only) mathematicians alike!

Amazing world of nanooptics

We will demonstrate how to create colours using nanostructures, show examples of security holograms and diffractive optics, and explain how to make them using advanced lithography methods and computational design.

Retinal screenings by neural network training

The Bonmedix company, together with artificial intelligence experts from IT4Innovations, is working on a project focused on an expert system that uses neural network modelling and training to detect and segment images used in retinal examinations of patients in the context of diabetic retinopathy (diabetic blindness). Our supercomputers are helping to train and validate individual models more accurately, which ultimately leads to massive future increases in examination capacity, enabling screening for all patients regardless of specialist staffing levels and early detection of serious age-related or diabetic eye diseases.

A demonstration of this unique system using neural networks to detect pathologies related to diabetic retinopathy over your fundus camera images can be exclusively tested on Friday evening at IT4Innovations.

... and there is more to come!

Do not hesitate to take your family, friends, and children and come to IT4Innovations.

Entry to this event is free.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

IT4Innovations team