The transnational InnoHPC project is in its closing phase. Bringing together 15 partners from the Danube region, it is supported by the Interreg Danube Transnational Programme. On 24th and 25th June 2019, the final conference dedicated to the project will be held in the city of Timisoara in Romania.

This project addresses the need to introduce cutting edge supercomputing technologies to small and medium enterprises with the intention of improving cooperation across industrial sectors. The objective of the project is to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to realise their innovative ideas and shorten the time needed to finalise the product with its subsequent launch on the market using HPC technologies.

The key result of the project is a fully developed and operational web platform (namely InnoHPC LAB) where both SMEs and HPC centres can receive information about HPC related events and open calls, get educational materials, and even become part of a virtual community that exchanges knowledge and shares experience. Moreover, new business partnerships can be established there.

Additionally, the platform offers guidelines for policy makers on how to keep up with the demands imposed by the driving force of Digital transformation. Digital transformation is seen as a tool to increase production and innovativeness in product or service development. Following these guidelines, policy makers can align their policies to improve the framework condition for the development of SMEs, thus easing cooperation with HPC centres.

“The main results of the InnoHPC project include establishment of the transnational InnoHPC Lab platform as a one-stop shop providing on-line access for SMEs and HPC centres where new ideas arise and new cooperation projects are established,” said Tomáš Karásek, the project coordinator for IT4Innovations.

The InnoHPC Lab platform was pilot tested within 13 pilot projects implemented in the form of cooperation between SMEs operating in the Danube region and HPC centres. Project VIDEO

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