We have launched two full-featured cloud environments. These are available to users of IT4Innovations computational resources with active projects.

IT4Innovations now offers its users two IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) clouds created from the cloud nodes of the Karolina supercomputer:

Both clouds are built on the OpenStack platform. They can be used by users of IT4Innovations computational resources with an active project.

The main advantages of clouds include:

  • Easy access and management – conveniently accessed via a web interface.
  • Scalability – virtual machines (number and parameters) can be created as needed.
  • Resource flexibility – you have complete control over the management of your virtual machine. You can install your own programs, set quotas, run tasks.
  • Orchestration – you can use OpenStack tools to automate configuration.

Personal projects on the e-INFRA/IT4I Cloud have limited resources. In order to increase the capacity of the cloud resources, for example when solving larger tasks, it is necessary to request computational resources.