One of the largest HPC conference - ISC 2022 - took place in Germany. IT4Innovations was also among the exhibitors, presenting the Ostrava supercomputing centre and its activities at its own booth.

Those HPC professionals who have not been to ISC 2022, it is as if they have not existed. This HPC event with a history dating back to 1986 was held live at Congress Center Hamburg. The entire programme was dedicated to the latest HPC technologies, machine learning, and high-performance data analysis. The conference, with lectures and panel discussions, was complemented by the traditional Exhibition section, which featured 135 institutions from around the world. Attendees also had many networking opportunities.

The ISC always includes the announcement of the latest TOP500, Green500, and HPCG lists - but more about this in a separate press release.

The most important HPC conference on the European continent was also attended by a team from IT4Innovations, including the Managing Director Vit Vondrak. We presented Ostrava supercomputing centre at our own booth - we presented not only Ostrava supercomputers but also our research activities and international projects in which we are involved.

During the conference poster session, three of our colleagues presented their projects: Jiří Tomčala (Quantum Implementation of the Modular Exponentiation Function for Shor's Factorization), Kateřina Slaninová and Martin Šurkovský (Advanced Traffic Modelling for Smart Cities - Project Demonstrator Using EVEREST Methodology).

We were also actively involved in the Birds of Feathers section, in which Georg Zitzlsberger led the session dedicated to a career in HPC and Jakub Homola spoke about his professional beginnings.

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