The Karolina supercomputer underwent a software upgrade. This upgrade was essential to ensure compatibility with new versions of tools and applications, essentially resulting in a re-installation of the Karolina supercomputer.

Several significant changes were made during the upgrade. :

  • The operating system on the nodes of the Karolina supercomputer, which handles user computing tasks, was upgraded to Rocky Linux 8.9. This upgrade improved system performance and stability.
  • The SCRATCH storage backend was upgraded from ClusterStor 4.5 to ClusterStor 6.6, enhancing storage efficiency.
  • The HPCM software was upgraded from version 1.4 to version 1.11.

From a user perspective, the upgrade brings the following benefits:

  • The Rocky Linux 8 operating system runs on the login, compute, and visualisation nodes, with an updated kernel, libraries, and necessary components.
  • User applications, such as the SLURM scheduler (now version 23.02.7), have been updated.
  • The performance and stability of the SCRATCH repository have been improved.
  • The LibSci BLAS library is now available, and the GPU and MOFED drivers have been updated, enhancing overall system security.

We are pleased to inform users that the Karolina supercomputer is now fully available.