This spring, we have endowed ourselves with a brand-new seminar room, which is a representative place for conducting training, seminars, classes, and other events organized by IT4Innovations. The classroom, which can accommodate up to 37 people, including speakers, is equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual technology that allows, among others, live streaming.

One of the missions of IT4Innovations is to provide professional training to prepare users to use our infrastructure effectively. Each year, we organize around ten training sessions for about 250 participants in the areas of high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, and big data processing. The newly equipped classroom will not only be used for these events but will also be used for professional seminars and workshops, for classes of VSB – TUO students, and meetings of teams implementing national and international projects.

Let's introduce the seminar room in more detail:

  • The design of the room was not left to chance - the layout of both the classroom and the furniture was consulted with an architect.  
  • The furniture was custom-made. The desks are equipped with BACHMANN connection points with a 230V socket, USB charger, and 10Gb Ethernet connection to the server room and then to the data room with supercomputers.
  • The projection area occupies almost the entire width of the front wall.

Three projectors provide image projection - the Barco G60-W10 projector with 9,000 ANSI lumens and two OPTOMA ZU606Te projectors with 6,300 lumens. All projectors are based on 1-chip DLP technology with a laser light source and offer the same WUXGA resolution (1920x1200 pixels). These machines operate in 1+0 or 0+2 mode, with the centre Barco G60 projector providing one widest possible image and the projectors on the sides providing two separate, smaller, and independent images.

  • The projection is complemented by two digital signage 65" Philips Ultra HD Q-series LCD displays, positioned at the sides in the centre of the room to provide a better view of the projected image for the rear rows of the audience.
  • On the lecturer's desk, two WACOM CINTIQ touchscreen graphic displays are mounted on freely adjustable sturdy arms.
  • The video chain offers a wide range of digital video inputs, supported by Barco's ClickShare wireless presentation system. The lecturer should thus have no problem connecting any laptop, tablet, or phone with any operating system.
  • Video signal distribution is controlled by distribution amplifiers and KRAMER and ATLONA switches.
  • The sound system of the seminar room is provided by JBL speakers connected via a Crown amplifier to an audio mixing console. Shure table microphones are placed on all audience desk; AKG handheld and lapel microphones are available to the lecturers.
  • The room is equipped with Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Extreme ISO streaming and recording equipment, as well as a Minrray HD PTZ conference camera with control console.

The seminar room was supplied by Nowatron Elektronik, a company specialising in professional imaging systems. 

We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our seminars or training sessions.