Bringing the world of supercomputers and all that surrounds them closer to all generations is also the focus of the second edition of the Superheroes 4 Science (S4S) project. This time, the project also focuses on artificial intelligence and quantum computing. S4S is under the coordination of IT4Innovations and has the support of the International Visegrad Fund. Its main mission is the creation of interactive educational materials and the dissemination of awareness of these innovative technologies through popularisation activities.

In its first edition (2018–2020), the Superheroes 4 Science project has focused on supercomputers as the superheroes of science. For example, the project has also produced comic strips that are popular with the public. They introduce supercomputers as scientific tools. The main superpower of supercomputers is their computing power, and the comics explain the role of supercomputers in designing safe train seats, researching new drugs and exploring space.

Now, Superheroes 4 Science (2023–2025) is expanding into the world of artificial intelligence and quantum computing. These are areas that will shape our digital future. Through a combination of interactive educational materials and research-focused comic books, it will be an opportunity for the public to understand these innovative technologies. It also aims to inspire young people to take up technical and scientific studies with the second edition of the project.

With support from the International Visegrad Fund, IT4Innovations will work with the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Centre and the Slovak National Supercomputing Centre on the second phase of the project.

Karina Pešatová, the project's principal investigator, adds: "Superheroes 4 Science is not just about raising awareness. We are trying to stimulate young people's interest in technical and scientific fields. Our focus is on interactive materials that will introduce supercomputers, artificial intelligence and quantum computing to a new generation of scientists and engineers, who will actively contribute to the innovative development of our digital society".