In October 2023, we announced the 30th Open Access Grant Competition, in which applicants from various research organisations applied for almost 2 million node hours.

Nearly 1.8 million node hours were distributed among the 66 winning projects at the end of January 2024 on the Karolina, Barbora, and LUMI supercomputers and the NVIDIA DGX-2 system.

Most of the projects that received computational resources were submitted by scientists from the Czech Technical University in Prague (14 projects), the Czech Academy of Sciences (12 projects), VSB - Technical University Ostrava (10 projects), and Charles University (9 projects). The researchers from Charles University obtained the largest share of computational resources, almost half a million node hours.

The list of projects from the 30th Public Grant Competition can be found here →

The next round of the grant competition will be launched on 6 February.