Our supercomputer center participated again this year in Researchers' Night, our most popular public event. The event, when hundreds of science departments open their doors in the evening, took place on Friday, 30 September, and the theme was With All the Senses. We welcomed record 900 visitors at IT4Innovations. 

Young and older. We had something for everyone. Visitors had the opportunity to peer under the hood of science and supercomputers. They were thrilled with the unique opportunity to see Karolina, the most powerful supercomputer in the Czech Republic. The racks, reminding children of swimming pool cabinets, were the focus of attention, especially of adult visitors who asked who can use a supercomputer and what it's used for. Our colleagues, who take care of supercomputers, explained that these machines help science, industry, society, and what is inside the racks. 

Our colleagues presented supercomputer science to the visitors in an interesting and playful way. The accompanying program at the stands included demonstrations of the projects that our supercomputing center is working on and various games and puzzles for sharp minds and quick hands.

The secrets of mysterious quantum computing, drug development, surgical solutions to eye diseases, and interesting facts not only about the energy consumption of supercomputers were introduced to the visitors during the lectures by our colleagues and invited experts with whom we cooperate. 

Not only the youngest ones were enthusiastic about saving supercomputers from pirates. Their task was to find five ships, solve the challenges and get the secret password, with the help of which they controlled the weather and defeated the pirates with a great wave of resistance. We were pleasantly surprised by the number of clever and fast helpers. 

A series of tours supplemented the Researchers' Night program. The guided tour, A Peek Behind the Scenes of the Supercomputer Centre, is always very popular. Visitors made their way up to the roof of our building, where they could see the supermachines' ingenious cooling system. On another tour, one floor below, they settled comfortably into their seats, put on 3D glasses, and immersed themselves in the science projects we bring to virtual reality.

Experience the supercomputer center with all your senses - done! Many thanks to all 900 visitors and our colleagues, and we look forward to next year's edition of this super event.