IT4Innovations inform about research and development support service, which is provided as part of the international POP2 Centre of Excellence project within the H2020 program.

The service consists in Free assistance in performance optimization of parallel applications. It is designated for all academic and research staff as well as employees of commercial companies, who develop or use parallel codes and tools and might benefit from technical assistance with their code optimization for efficient running on HPC systems.

In case of interest, do not hesitate to contact us:

Detailní informace:

Detail information:
We are part of the Performance Optimisation and Productivity Centre of Excellence which is a project funded by the European Commission to boost productivity of EU research and industry by providing FREE OF CHARGE services that help improve high performance computing (HPC) and parallel software. The aim of POP is to offer our world-class HPC competence to organizations that want to understand software performance issues and to adopt parallel programming best practice. Our website has some examples of the previous projects, including a customer testimonial from MaX Center of Excelence [1] and several Proof-of-Concept [2] projects. You can find the project’s privacy policy at [3]. We would be happy to enter a confidentiality agreement (NDA) if that is required for the discussions or for the work itself.