Dear fans of IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center,

We're sending you spring news from IT4Innovations. We were excited about the US Government's Envoy for Quantum Technologies visit and held an international carbon dots workshop. The Netherlands have joined the LUMI consortium, giving scientists and companies in the country access to the LUMI supercomputer. You will also read about our centre's involvement in developing genetic screening for patients and projects that received computational resources within our Open Access Grant Competition.

It has been a month since the tender for the quantum computer supplier to IT4Innovations closed, and we, along with many of you, are patiently waiting for more information. While waiting for the quantum computer, you can participate in educational activities explicitly focused on quantum computing under the umbrella of the National Competence Centre in HPC, represented in the Czech Republic by IT4Innovations.

Read on to ensure you don't miss anything not only from the world of Czech supercomputing. →

The IT4Innovations Team