After two years of hosting the IT4Innovations Users' Conference virtually due to the pandemic situation, we finally met our users in person. The 6th edition of the conference was held from 3rd to 4th November 2022 at IT4Innovations and was attended by 80 guests.

During the two days, contributions from various scientific disciplines were presented by scientists from different institutions, such as the Czech Academy of Sciences. Researchers from this institution are the second most frequent users of IT4Innovations supercomputers. In addition, scientists from Charles University, Brno University of Technology, Palacký University in Olomouc, CEITEC, and the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague presented their contributions.

Three keynote lectures selected by the Conference Programme Committee were devoted to the following topics:

On Thursday, 3rd November, Denys Biriukov from Pavel Jungwirth Group of the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences presented research on "An All-Atom Simulation Model of the Outer-Cell Interaction Network", highlighting the opportunity to perform computations on the LUMI supercomputer that his team used for molecular dynamics simulations thanks to IT4Innovations.

Jiří Chudoba from the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences presented the challenges associated with LHC (Large Hadron Collider) computing on supercomputers in his lecture "Challenges of LHC Computing on HPC". The computations for LHC experiments are based on the idea of distributed computing in centres around the world. He described various obstacles that must be addressed to use supercomputing centres effectively.

The second day of the conference was opened by Oldřich Plchot from the Faculty of Information Technology of Brno University of Technology with a lecture on " Using large-scale pre-trained models for building speech applications Using large-scale pre-trained models for building speech applications".  His contribution focused on speech applications and described a use case of speaker verification for which they used pre-trained models. These models are trained on datasets containing tens or even hundreds of thousands of speech samples and can reach several hundred million parameters.

An integral part of the conference is usually a poster session of research presentations. In the three-hour session, 27 posters were presented from various scientific disciplines. The presenters and other participants had room for discussion and networking.

The conference participants also learned about our plans for the infrastructure and services related to our involvement in e-INFRA CZ and the LUMI-Q consortium in the Users Forum section, which was led by Branislav Jansík, Supercomputing Services Director, together with Martin Friák from the Institute of Physics of Materials of the Czech Academy of Sciences, who is the Chairman of the IT4Innovations User Council.