All users, external as well as internal, of the IT4Innovations’ infrastructure are kindly asked to provide an abstract describing the project carried out with the support provided to them in the form of computational resources of one or both of the IT4Innovations’ supercomputers Salomon and Anselm. Deadline for sending the abstract: November 15, 2016 The scope of the abstract: Language: English
Extent: 1200 – 1600 words and minimum of 2 pictures that further illustrate the project (visualisation of the results, charts, graphs, etc.)
Format: .doc, .docx Prescribed sections of the abstract: Name of the project
Research institution
Principal investigator
Project partners (if there are none, leave blank)
Project ID (given to your project by IT4Innovations to identify your allocation) Introduction (popular summary of the research, mandatory)
Results and methods (mandatory)
On-going research / Outlook (mandatory)
Conclusions (mandatory)
References (publications by other research teams used in the abstract, if there are none, skip this section)
Publications (own publications of the project team that are outcome of the project, if there are none skip this section)
Links (websites related to the results of the project, if there are none skip this section) Sample abstracts: PDF and DOCX The abstracts are to be sent to: In case of any questions please contact Karina Pešatová. mobile: +420606773316 or via above mentioned e-mail