DECI Calls

This grant competition is intended for small projects. The competition involves the allocation of computing time in Tier-1 systems that are provided by national supercomputing centres of the PRACE member states.

Calls: twice a year

The deadline for using the allocation: 1 year

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Multi year access

This type of access is designed for large European projects and infrastructures that can benefit from the extensive PRACE resources and Project Access does not suit their needs. Identically as for the Project Access, application for time allocation must undergo a scientific review. This call is organized twice a year.

PRACE Preparatory Access:

This is a continuous grant competition that is subject to technical assessment. Assigned computing time is designated to the preparation of projects for their participation in the Regular Access grant competition (see below). Computing time is assigned in Tier-0 systems. Depending on the objective of preparation, projects are divided into three categories:

Type A – code scalability tests

Type B – code development and optimization

Type C – code development and optimization supported by PRACE experts


Calls: continuously throughout the year, submitted projects are evaluated every three months

The deadline for using the assigned time: Type A – 2 months max., Types B and C – 6 months max.

Available resources: IBM BlueGene/Q “JUQUEEN” (GCS@Jülich, Germany), IBM Blue Gene/Q FERMI (CINECA, Italy), Bull Bullx cluster “CURIE” (GENCI@CEA, France), Cray XE6 “HERMIT” (GCS@HLRS, Germany)

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PRACE Regular Access:

This grant competition is intended to allocate computing time in Tier-0 systems. The quality of applications is verified through a scientific and technical evaluation process (peer review) provided by the PRACE Scientific Steering Committee comprised of experts from all over Europe.

Calls: twice a year

The deadline for using the assigned time: 12 months

Allocation: tens of millions of core hours

Available resources: IBM Blue Gene/Q “JUQUEEN” (GCS@Jülich, Germany), Bull Bullx cluster “CURIE” (GENCI@CEA, France), Cray XE6 “HERMIT” (GCS@HLRS, Germany),IBM System X iDataplex “SuperMUC” (GCS@LRZ, Germany), IBM System X iDataplex “MareNostrum” (BSC, Spain), IBM Blue Gene/Q “FERMI” (CINECA, Italy)
More information and current calls


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