The online LUMI Roadshow event, which took place on Wednesday, 17th February, was attended by 50 participants. Branislav Jansík from the Supercomputing Services department presented the LUMI supercomputer and the opportunity to be involved in its pilot testing. Tomáš Karásek then introduced the participants to the National Competence Center in HPC.

The EuroHPC LUMI supercomputer, currently under construction in Kajaani, Finland, will be one of the world's most powerful computing systems with over 550 PFlop/s. The LUMI supercomputer is procured jointly by the EuroHPC JU and the LUMI consortium. IT4Innovations is one of the members of the LUMI consortium.

The LUMI Roadshow took place on Wednesday, 17th February. The LUMI supercomputer was introduced and the participants in the online event were presented with the possibility to participate in the first call for early access for pilot testing of this unique world-class infrastructure. This call is open exclusively to the consortium member states.

The LUMI Roadshow also included the presentation of the Czech National Competence Center in HPC (NCC). IT4Innovations joined the EuroCC project launched by the EuroHPC initiative in September last year, and is now establishing a National Competence Center in HPC in the Czech Republic. NCC will help share knowledge and expertise in HPC and implement industry, academia, and public administration support activities in this area.

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