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What is the Digital Innovation Hub (DIH)


Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) serve as a supportive instrument to help companies become more competitive through improvement of their business/production processes, products, and services using digital technologies. DIHs work as one-stop-shops, which help companies in digitalizing their business. Digital innovation hubs provide access to knowledge and technologies, which are normally unavailable to commercial sector. With their assistance, companies have an opportunity to experiment with these digital innovations, which in turn may simplify their decision making as well as implementation of these technologies and know-how in their business structures. Main DIH clients include small and medium-sized enterprises, public administration institutions, and medical centres, which contribute to enhancement of the life of society as a result of implementing these digital innovations.

Why bringing together IT4Innovations and MSIC

The Digital Innovation Hub primarily aims at small and medium-sized enterprises. At the very beginning, these enterprises often need to assess whether and where they actually might be in need for digital solutions. This is where digital audit or expert support might come into play depending on particular identified needs. It is this very area where MSIC develops its specialization. However, there will be cases when company need solution is conditioned by employing specific expertise consisting in the use of high-performance computing, big data analysis, or artificial intelligence. And this is exactly where IT4Innovations with its supercomputing technology and its experts able to assist with their deployment come into play. Bringing both organizations together, potential for the synergic effect as a result of complementary digitalization support-based know-how has unlocked. DIH Ostrava is by no means a greenfield project. One of its two constituent parts, i.e. IT4Innovations, has been featuring on the list of Digital Innovation Hubs registered at the European Commission level.
In the forthcoming period, it is to aspire to obtain the status of the European Digital Innovation Hub. In case you are interested in more information, do not hesitate to contact us using the following email address The subsidy for the “Digital Innovation Center Ostrava – Pilot Verification” project is provided from the budget of the Moravian-Silesian Region (Contract No. 08183/2019/RRC)

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