Main Investigator: René Kalus
Project: Modeling of elementary processes in cold rare-gas plasmas II
Allocation: 225.000 core hours


Main Investigator: Milan Jaroš
Project: Interaktivní renderování v reálném čase
Allocation: 50.000 core hours


Main Investigator: Tomáš Brzobohatý
Project: CFD for HPC
Allocation: 375.000 core hours


Main Investigator: Tomáš Blejchař
Project: CFD Simulation of Coal Combustion in Experimental Furnace
Allocation: 260.000 core hours


Main Investigator: Tomáš Karásek
Project: Crash test simulations of double seat for long-distance and regional rail passenger´s transport
Allocation: 50.000 core hours


Main Investigator: Jonáš Tokarský
Project: Molecular modeling of biodegradable polymers
Allocation: 160.000 core hours


Main Investigator: Michal Merta
Project: BEM4I – Development of the parallel boundary element library
Allocation: 120.000 core hours


Main Investigator: Radim Briš
Project: Effective Credit Risk computation using CUDA
Allocation: 400 core hours


Main Investigator: Václav Hapla
Project: Development of the PERMON toolbox
Allocation: 200.000 core hours


Main Investigator: Radek Hrbáček
Project: Evolutionary design on computer cluster
Allocation: 75.000 core hours


Main Investigator: Lukáš Halagačka
Project: Optical modeling of nanostructured systems
Allocation: 200.000 core hours


Main Investigator: Jan Martinovič
Project: Traffic events extraction and analysis based on Floating Car Data
Allocation: 30.000 core hours


Main Investigator: Dominik Legut
Project: Phase stability of cerium doped TiO2 phases
Allocation: 600.000 core hours


Main Investigator: Dalibor Lukáš
Project: Boundary element and domain decomposition methods applied to engineering problems
Allocation: 30.000 core hours


Invitation to the course Productivity tools for High Performance Computing (24-25/10/2018)
When: Wednesday 24 October 2018, 9.30am – Thursday 25 October 2018, 4.30pm Where: campus VŠB-TUO […]
Invitation to the 1,5 day workshop ANTAREX (22-23/10/2018)
Invitation to the 1,5 day workshop ANTAREX: Monitoring, Compilation and Autotuning Approach for Energy-Efficient HPC […]
1st Open Call for Entrepreneurial Technology Transfer Experiments within the project TETRAMAX
The overall goal of an Entrepreneurial Technology Transfer Experiment (TTX) is to mobilize, challenge and […]
Invitation to Researchers’ Night 2018 (5 October 2018)
Visit us on Friday 5 October and enjoy 5 hours of fun with us. We […]
Invitation to a workshop; HPC for small and medium enterprises, 24 September 2018
We would like to invite you to the workshop ‘HPC for small and medium enterprises’, […]
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