Computational resources to be distributed:
66 000 000 core hours

Technical parameters of the cluster Salomon:
1,008 compute nodes and 129 terabytes (TB) of RAM. It will feature 864 Intel(r) Xeon Phi(tm) 7120 coprocessors cards with 52,704 cores and 13.8 TB of RAM.

Technical parameters of the cluster Anselm:
209 computing nodes; each node is fitted with two eight-core processors with an x86-64 SandyBridge architecture, 64GB of RAM and 300GB of local disk capacity.

Technical parameters of the new cluster:
189 compute nodes; 2×18 x86-64 Skylake cores, 192GB RAM paměti. 8 accelerator nodes with 4x Nvidia Volta V100.

Receipt of applications:
4 February 2019 to 1 April 2019

Eligible applicants:
Employees of academic and research institutions who have their registered offices or a branch in the Czech Republic. Furthermore, persons and entities that have acquired and/or participate in implementing a research grant from the Czech Republic’s public resources. Citizenship does not affect applicants’ eligibility.

How to submit an application:
Applications will only be accepted in English. The application form:

Please submit the form via the web portal.

Date of announcement of results:
20 May 2019

The period to use computational resources obtained:
Expected to start on 27.5.2019 (the expected deadline for use is 21.2.2020, 22.6.2020, 22.10.2020). Applicants need to be aware that the time period for using any computational resources obtained may be changed.

Evaluation of applications:
Three areas will be evaluated: Scientific excelence, Computational readiness a Socioeconomic impact. The evaluation and scoring will be carried out by external reviewers, following the Open Access evaluation guidelines. The allocation committee will take into account connection of the project to other projects or grants: International (H2020, EuroHPC, ERC, …), National (GAČR, TAČR, …) or local (Student grant competition, …), the extent and detail of requested resource estimation and the expected applied outputs such as patents or contracts. The weight of 50% will be assigned to the publications achieved as a result of previous projects at IT4I, registered at On average 0.75 publication per project is expected. The latter will be only applied to projects older than 15 months. Applicants will be notified of the competition results within 35 working days of the conclusion of the competition. Notifications will be sent in electronic format to the e-mail address specified in the application.

Date of announcement of the next open access competition:
6 June 2019


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20th Open Access Grant Competition
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