Supercomputing in Science and EngineeringAll external and internal users of the IT4Innovations infrastructure who obtained resources in any of the 8th through to the 12th Open Access Grant Competitions are kindly asked to provide an abstract describing the project carried out with the support provided to them in the form of computational resources of one or both of the IT4Innovations supercomputers Salomon and Anselm.Users are welcome to submit abstracts for several of their projects. Deadline for sending abstracts: 30 November 2018Please e-mail both the number as well as the abstracts to: pr@it4i.czThe scope of the abstract:Language: EnglishExtent: 5000–7000 characters including spaces, 2–3 high resolution pictures that further illustrate the project (visualization of the results, charts, graphs, etc.)The amount of characters depends on the number of pictures you wish to submit. If submitting 3 pictures please keep to the lower limit, and vice versa. If your abstract is too long you will be asked to shorten it.Format: .doc, .docx (single column)Prescribed sections of the abstract:(Mandatory sections are marked with *)Name of the project*Research institution*Principal investigator*ResearchersProject partnersProject ID* (given to your project by IT4Innovations to identify your allocation)Introduction* (popular summary of the research)Results and methods*On-going research / Outlook*Conclusions*References (publications by other research teams used in the abstract, if there are none, skip this section)Publications* (own publications of the project team that are outcomes of the project)Links (websites related to the results of the project, if there are none skip this section)Please do not rename the sections or add additional ones.The 1st edition of the publication can be found here.If you have any questions e-mail us at:

Tisková zpráva: V Ostravě spouští nový superpočítač. Dostal jméno Barbora.
V Ostravě spouští nový superpočítač. Dostal jméno Barbora.
Tisková zpráva: Startuje projekt OPENQKD pro bezpečnou celoevropskou kvantovou komunikační infrastrukturu
Startuje projekt OPENQKD pro bezpečnou celoevropskou kvantovou komunikační infrastrukturu
20. výzva PRACE Project Access
Žádosti o přidělení výpočetního času na systémech Tier-0 v rámci grantové soutěže PRACE Project Access […]
Pozvánka na Noc vědců – 27. září 2019
Vstupte 27. září od 17,00 do 22,00 hod. do superpočítačového centra a užijte si pořádnou […]
Pozvánka na kurz Productivity tools for High Performance Computing (16-17/10/2019)
Kdy: středa 16. října 2019 9.30 hod. – čtvrtek 17. října 2019 15.30 hod. Kde: […]
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