We are developing methods and algorithms that can effectively use modern supercomputers for modeling of physical and other similar processes described by differential equations. Particular attention is paid to optimal algorithms, or nearly optimal, in two aspects. For one thing that with increasing number of unknowns grows computational work only linearly, and for another that the computational work can be divided among a large number of computational processors or cores without loss of effectiveness.

In addition to the numerical modeling of individual processes, we focus on solving problems of next level of the complexity, such as the role of multiphysics, where we simultaneously model the multiple interacting processes; solutions of the multiscale tasks when we consider the interaction of processes in the micro -and macro- structure; inverse problems for the identification of physical parameters solving and shape or material optimization tasks solving.

Application currently mainly concern the following areas:


Head of the research programme
  • Radim Blaheta


Deputy head of research programme
  • Dalibor Lukáš
Research programme secretary
  • Marek Lampart
Senior researcher
  • Jiří Bouchala
  • Pavel Burda
  • Petr Kovář
  • Radek Kučera
  • Jan Valdman
  • Jan Zeman
  • Zdeněk Zmeškal
  • Petr Beremlijski
  • Martin Čermák
  • Václav Šátek
  • Tomáš Tichý
Ph.D. student
  • Lukáš Malý
  • Lukáš Pospíšil
  • Alena Vašatová
  • Jan Zapletal



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20th Open Access Grant Competition
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IT4Innovations Newsletter Q1/2020
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Press Release: Field of HPC possible to study at a unique doctoral school
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