Within the duration of the conference ISC 2018, the TOP500 list of the most powerful supercomputers in the world was updated. Its announcement was very surprising. The new world′s most powerful supercomputer is Summit, which was put into operation in the American Oak Ridge National Laboratory (in Tennessee) at the beginning of June 2018. With its theoretical peak performance of 187 PFlop/s, Summit outperforms the Czech Samolon supercomputer almost a hundred times. For the first time since November 2012, the US claims the most powerful supercomputer in the world again. Summit has shifted the Chinesse Sunway system, the theoretical performance of which is 125 PFlops, from the TOP500′s leading position. Summit was funded by the Department of Energy of the United States of America, the key interest of which is research in the field of nuclear fusion, alternative sources of energy, materials science, climate computational chemistry, and cosmology. Needless to say, the world′s most powerful supercomputer will also be used for medical care research (of drugs, cancer, etc.). Summit is seven times more powerful and 5 times more energy-efficient than Titan, its predecessor. Put into operation in 2012, Titan, with its theoretical peak performance
of 27 PFlops, will probably be decommisioned. The updated list has revealed interesting changes. Four of the five most powerful computing systems in the world are new or upgraded. Third on the TOP500 is the brand-new Sierra supercomputer run by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (United States Department
of Energy). The fifth is also new, namely the Japanese supercomputer ABCI (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology). The Czech supercomputer Salomon, which has been in operation for three years now, and is currently the only representative from the Czech Republic in the TOP500 list, is at 139th place. Salomon
Invitation to the course Productivity tools for High Performance Computing (24-25/10/2018)
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Invitation to the 1,5 day workshop ANTAREX (22-23/10/2018)
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1st Open Call for Entrepreneurial Technology Transfer Experiments within the project TETRAMAX
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Invitation to a workshop; HPC for small and medium enterprises, 24 September 2018
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