Computational resources of the centre are dedicated for solving tasks from research and development done by academic and research institutions. Part of the capacity is dedicated for development of collaboration between academia and industry, or for industry itself. How you can obtain computational resources at the IT4Innovation’s systems?

General Terms and Conditions for renting computational resources

Text of General Terms and Conditions for renting computational resources on the computer system for high performance computing. Accounting is done in normalized core hours.

Grant competitions

Open Access Competition

Grant competition announced three times a year (February, June, October) for employees of research institutions, scientific and educational organizations.

Directors Discretion

An application can be filed any time. Computing time is assigned irregularly based on an assessment by IT4Innovations’ HQ. Representatives from both commercial and non-commercial spheres can apply in cases when neither public grant competitions can be used.

Grant competitions results

Computing time on the Anselm and Salomon supercomputers is allocated through open access competitions.



The IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Centre also helps interested Czech entities in obtaining computing time in European supercomputing centres associated in the PRACE RI initiative.

PRACE Preparatory Access

Grant competition announced regularly 4 times a year subject only to a technical assessment; its aim is to prepare projects for participation in PRACE Regular Access.

PRACE Regular Access

Grant competition announced regularly twice a year subject to a scientific assessment; computing time is assigned in Tier-0 systems.

DECI Calls

Grant competition announced regularly twice a year, suitable for smaller projects; computing time is assigned in Tier-1 systems.


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IT4Innovations Newsletter Q4/2017
IT4Innovations Newsletter Q4/2017
Press Release:
TETRAMAX – boosting innovation in customized low-energy computing
TETRAMAX – podpora inovativních řešení v oblasti nízkoenergetického počítání
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